Throughout this unit in PR writing, I have learned about writing with clarity, reducing clutter, sentence variety and sentence emphasis. This has been interesting because these skills are so important in becoming a good writer. I have constructed examples below to demonstrate what I have learned.

Writing with clarity

Poor: Jim fed the cat food from the dog bowl.

Better:  Jim fed food to the cat from the dog’s bowl. 

Reducing clutter

Poor: Neither of the three students could create complicated designs on the computer program.

Better: The three students couldn’t create designs on the computer.

Sentence variety

Poor: The teacher has written many books on how to use good grammar. She graduated from Stanford with a degree in journalism. 

Better: The teacher, journalism graduate from Stanford, has written many books on how to use good grammar. 

Sentence emphasis

Poor: Sandy’s grandma gave us a series of speeches about how today’s society doesn’t use correct grammar. 

Better:  Today’s society doesn’t use correct grammar, according to Sandy’s grandma’s speeches. 

Hopefully these examples have demonstrated the important of using good writing skills. Thank you for reading.