1. What were you asked to do?

    During unit 4.2 I was asked to learn about caption writing, another form of Public Relations writing. I was asked to learn about the Five W’s and H that go into a photo caption, and the components of  an effective caption. I was also asked to watch a quick video over the caption.

  2. What can you pick up on now that you couldn’t before?

    Before this unit I never paid much attention to a photo caption, but now I know how to effectively produce and use one. I can now pick up on the fundamentals of photography and the role of photo sequencing  effective visual storytelling and the basics of writing cut-lines for photos

  3. What else would you like to know about this skill set?

    I would like to learn about the history of photo captions and when they became relevant. As usual, I would like to learn about the social media history of this, and how it has evolved.

  4. How does this particular skill set jive with your expectations of the responsibilities held by a public relations professional?

I can see how this would be crucial to strong public relations. Raising interest in a cause to the public through the use of photo captions is a great tool to have and I can see how this would be important.

  1. How do you see this particular skill set helping you in your career?

I see this being important in any journalistic career I may have. Overall this is more important than ever because social media is so strong now, and photos are even stronger.