1. What were you asked to do?

    During this unit, I was asked to continue learning about the the tools that Public Relations Professionals use to communicate with the public. Specifically, during this unit I was asked to learn about taking a position on behalf of an organization and write it in the form of a position paper. I wrote a position paper about the Tipton Children’s Home and why it is a viable option to state-run foster care.

  2. What can you pick up on now that you couldn’t before?

    What I could pick up on now, that I couldn’t pick up on before is the importance behind why an organization needs to pick a side. Meaning, an organized opinion through the form of a position paper is important for any organization because it allows the public to have an educated perception of what that organization stands for and believes in.

  3. What else would you like to know about this skill set?

    I would like to know more about how this tool has been used in other ways over the history of its existence. How has the position paper hurt organizations? Have negative side effects ever happened from a position paper?

  4. How does this particular skill set jive with your expectations of the responsibilities held by a public relations professional?

This skill set jives with my expectation of the responsibilities held by a public relations professional because it is the best way an organization can publicly announce their position on an issue.


  1. How do you see this particular skill set helping you in your career?

This particular skill set helps a person in their career because a position will always need to be taken on an issue.