Throughout unit 3.1 we took our first step into familiarizing ourselves with the tools public relations professionals use to make the magic happen. To start that off, we learned about the news release.

During this unit I was asked to familiarize my self with the format of how to produce a news release, practice identifying parts of a news release using my new skills, and then producing two news releases on my own.

After studying the different parts to a news release, identifying parts of a news release from examples, and writing my own, I can now pick up on some things that I could not before. I can now identify fundamental elements of a news release such as the dateline, the slug/identification block, the boilerplate and the end-of-story symbol. This enables me successfully write a news release so that I can do it in a respectable and understandable format.

I would like to learn more about how the news release has evolved over the years and why some critics claim that it is dead. I want to learn about what the future holds for news releases and what that looks like.

This particular skill set is important for any person expecting to go into the field of public relations because it is essentially the backbone of how to release news.

I see this particular skill set helping me in my career because if I work for an organization that wants to release current news, I will be prepared to write a news release. If I did not know how to do this, I wouldn’t last long in that position.

Overall, this unit was important because it kicked off the class for the rest of learning about public relations tools. I look forward to learning about the many tools public relations professionals get to use on a daily basis.