Throughout unit 2.2, we continued learning more about the writing basics of PR writing. Some of the highlighted topics consisted of, “The Big Five” , “ABCs of Journalism”, and the “Inverted Pyramid”. Those topics are fundamental to the basics of PR writing.

During this unit I was asked to continue learning about the writing process. I learned about the importance of identifying the nature of difference news types. I have the interesting acronym, “SPICE COPPS” to remember the 10 major elements of mass appeal. I also learned about building trust and credibility with my stakeholders by applying the ABCs of Journalism. By applying accuracy, brevity, and clarity, writing for Public Relations will be clear and easy to understand. ¬†Finally, I learned about the inverted pyramid. The lead, the body, and the tail are all important parts to the pyramid, that build quality journalistic style.


Some things that I pick up on now that I couldn’t pick up on before consist of my ability to identify areas that prevent me from communicating clearly and concisely. In addition, I can pick up on different types of news. Being able to read a news article and classify it by its content is important because a PR writer doesn’t want to use the wrong writing process for the wrong type of news.


The things we have learned in this unit line up clearly with my expectations and responsibilities held by a public relations professional. I had a decent understanding from taking writing for the mass media my sophomore year when we studied a unit on PR. What I learned in that unit lines up with the things I learned in this unit in this class.

This particular skill set will not only help a person in their career in PR, but can help other people in different careers. The writing concepts we learned in this unit can be applied in many different scenarios. The ability to communicate clearly and concisely will be helpful in my future careers.

Overall, this unit was a great refresher on the correct ways to approach PR writing. I look forward to applying in my writing assignments for the rest of the semester.