• What can you pick up on now that you didn’t before?

The main things I can pick up on now that I couldn’t do before is having a general understanding and knowledge of what and how to use Public Relations Writing Tools.  For example, I did not know how to write a press release,  a feature story or a letter to the editor. Learning how to write and use these things is very helpful in many PR career options, as well as other options that don’t have to do specifically with PR.

  • What were your early days in the course like?

My early days in the course were sort of hectic. I was not entirely confident in my writing abilities and overthought many things. A lot of this was new to me and I felt sort of lost. Through practice and studying, I feel a lot more confident in my PR writing abilities and would be able to do things a lot faster now.

  • Did you ever feel like you “turned the corner?”

I do feel like I turned the corner around mid-semester. I began to feel comfortable in my abilities to write and following the instructions of the class. As with any class, it can take a few weeks to get the hang of things and figure out the best way to learn that particular subject. I think the best thing I did with myself to feel confident in this class during the semester was always having my stuff done early, so I could revise and make any corrections I need. I also sought advice a couple of times to make sure a project I was working on was headed in the right direction.

  • Can you identify a project in which you take a lot of pride in the outcome?

I took a lot of pride in my feature story. I felt like I had discovered a really news worthy topic that spoke directly to my target audience. I enjoyed writing it because I got passionate about why I was writing. I really enjoyed my story and thought it was well written. I found good sources to back up my story and that was fun too.

  • Can you look back now, be honest with yourself, and see a project where you wish you could/would have given a better effort?

In everything I do, I always give it my all. If I had to pick one that I would like to improve on it would be my PSA. I think it would have been fun to do a few different spots instead of one. I could have had several with different length spots. I had only done one 30 second spot, and it would have been good  practice to do more.

How did you grow  this semester as a public relations writer? Why?

I grew this semester in my writing confidence and my writing abilities. I feel like I now have a general understanding of PR writing and feel like I could produce any of the items that make up PR writing tools for any future tasks I may endure.