It is the kick off to my senior year at OU and I can’t believe these past three years have gone by so fast. It is always the standard to introduce yourself in all of your classes the first week of school, something so repetitive,but something I will probably miss. My name is Brian Drew Wood. I go by Drew because my dad’s first name is Brian. My parents have always called be Drew to stay away from any confusion that might come from us both going by Brian. Either way it is all I have ever known. As I stated above, I am a senior this year. I will graduate in the spring and I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I get jazzed up about public relations because I enjoy writing, and that can be a big part of it. I am taking this class to grow in my writing skills because I think that is a very important skill to know. I have always been a pretty self motivated guy, but what really gets me motivated is my family and friends. I am surrounded with such great people it is unbelievable. I am a lucky guy. They motivate me to be a better person, follow my dreams, and do the best I can. Writing fits into my life in many places. I would say the main way is communicating. Being able to communicate clearly through writing is helpful in my work life, and my personal life. Good communication goes a long ways, and I have always made that a priority in my life. ¬†Overall, as my college career comes to an end, and my journey continues to unfold, I am really looking forward to this semester and doing everything one last time.