Why should you buy this car? Because it is a Ford Mustang that is almost five years old and doesn’t have a scratch on it. The paint is perfect. It only has 37,000 miles, and the best part is I am practically going to give it away. I will sell it at its Kelly Blue Book value. So, who wouldn’t want a low mileage, untouched and cheap Ford Mustang? Probably a person who likes Chevrolets, but if you are a Ford guy, then I know you can’t wait to get your hands behind the wheel.


Thoughts and explanations about the  assignment:

My thought process behind this assignment was trying to emphasize on how good the paint job was on this car. Naturally, people will want something that is in good condition for a good price, so I tried to tie those two together. I also love my car a lot, so that made this assignment come to life for me. My goal was to make a deal that is too good to be true, actually be true. I think that is how all advertising should be. No scams or gimmicks. Just the cold hard truth. I wrote this message strictly for the person who is looking at all types of Ford Mustangs, and then scrolls across mine and knows that is the one. I also chose a picture to go along with the copy because the picture shows how good the paint still is almost five years later.  Overall, it is important to put yourself in the consumers position and remember to emphasize your selling points.