1. What were you asked to do?

    I was asked to produce a feature story about a topic from the list of grades. I was also asked to learn about the content that goes into how to produce a feature story.

  2. What can you pick up on now that you couldn’t before?

    I can now pick up on how to write a feature story and give interviews.  Before I studied this unit, I did not know about all of the different types of feature stories. I also didn’t know about the different types of summary leads. It was fun picking out the different elements that I wanted to go into my feature story.

  3. What else would you like to know about this skill set?

    I would like to learn about how the history of the feature story. I love learning the why behind things. I would also like to learn about how they have evolved over time, especially since the rise of social media.

  4. How does this particular skill set jive with your expectations of the responsibilities held by a public relations professional?

I think being a story teller is applicable to many jobs, and hopefully any job I have someday. Being able to get people interest about a certain topic by the use of words is a valuable skill!

  1. How do you see this particular skill set helping you in your career?

Like I stated above, I think being a story teller is important to many careers. I hope to have a job someday where I can use someones story to help others.